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@It has been found that many business are running without the copy of law.Is this is a legal services company

Harshsure-> This company is totally legal on the books of Law and registered as per the company Registration Law Regulated by Company Act 1956,and 2013,2015 by Govt. of India ,Registrar of Companies(ROC) .This company was Incorporated by ROC. We had registered Brand and Name trademark through The Trademark and Copyright ,Intellectual Property Act India.

# The services provided by the company will be entrusted and secured for personal reasons.

Harshsure->  All the personal information gathered from the customers are kept highly secured and are not used otherwise other than for the benefits of the customers. So be relax and enjoy services.

Madhu ->Is the services are taxable or attracts service tax.

Harshsure-> As per Govt Rules all the services included under the Gadget of India Service Tax Rules are chargeable for service tax to be paid by the customer and must be deposited in to the Govt Department.

## We can get the services as per our local laws as Municipal or State Imposes.

Harshsure->While giving the services we always take care that customer should not affected any how in any type of legalities.

Sanjay : Is the services are professionally managed and could be catered as per requirement.

Harshsure->We always  stress to provide services at your doorstep. And manage it in every possible way.

Bose: Is the method of payment is secured and authenticated and payment through through  Credit/Debit Cards are secured.

Harshsure->We had made every possible way to make it secured and authenticated through Highly secured Payment Gateways  and Bank Security Systems.

Ms Parneet Kaur:-> Can I make the payment through cheque and how I can do this .

HarshSure:->  You can make the payment s by different means like debit/credit cards,Drafts/cheques and COD (collection on doorstep).If you want to make payment through cheque you can open our website:www.harshsure.com and register and deposit the cheque in to our Account in the Bank branches Details are given there. you have to mail at: info@harshsure.in  and give the details of cheque ie;Cheque number,date,bank etc.

Anil Verma:-> How would I get the specified commission or payment after registering as Franchise/Agent.

HarshSure:->  The specified process is adopted where payment of commission/Salary/Fees/Gifts/Appreciation are made through bank transfer on completion of month.Respective grant would be transferred through NIFT/RTGS so that it reaches you earliest.For commission/Fees every fifteen days the process is updated and paid.

Sajjan Sahu:-> How do I get Franchise Of HarshSure and what all you could be providing other than the commission/Fees.

HarshSure:->  Thanks and appreciate for your quarry The Franchises are given under Company Rules and regulations  specified over there.You could get the franchise by visiting the site www.harshsure.in and mail at info@harshsure.in send the portfolio about your self and the maximum amount you are eager to pay for the franchisie .Other than the commission/Fees  all technical and professional support will be provided ,training of a person, Brand Management materials,Furnitures,Cards,Printouts,Hangouts,Stickers,Brouchures and many more things .Gifts and appreciation benefits discount coupons are also provided.


Blog->Services Aspect->

@ is Services provided by the company are professionally  managed

Harshsure-> Services provided by us are managed by highly trained Executives  and professionals .

Ms Rajni-> Where do I get the services in india  and what I have to do

Harshsure->You have to just log in to our website-www.harshsure.in,Register and mail us a –mail@harshsure.in or you may contact the provided phone numbers and tell about your requirements our more than 15 lac service professional and 1500 Service providing  tie ups will take care of your needs up to your satisfaction.

Raju-> I am well qualified may I  be able to join harshsure and make a carrier over here.

Harshsure->We are in continues requirement of young energetic ,enthusiastic ,hard working professionals  if you think it is within you then you may send resume at mail@harshsure.in we will take care of you.

Mrs Sarita:-> I am highly satisfied with the service provided for my daughter marriage I am happy that due to Marriage sure I got the best groom for my daughter.

Harshsure->Thanks and appreciate for your kind comments .

Mr Naman Singh :-> I am very glad to become a customer of your company .I am now working at America Cargo Transport Company it has been never possible without your help.

HarshSure:->  Thanks and appreciate for your kind comments .

Mr Bhaskar  Chaturvedi:->I am very glad to say that because of your service my son Sujeet is Settled with BHEL and earning handsome salary.

HarshSure:->  Thanks and appreciate for your kind comments

Mrs Arundhati:-> You are like god to me because of your emergency services my only son had been alive, I was blanked to call whom than my daughters friend suggested your number but I really not expected that your response be so quick heartedly thanks.

HarshSure:->  Thanks and appreciate for your kind comments and happy to serve you in future.



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