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School Management software

The School Software System

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Automate & Increase the Productivity – School Management Software
Information age has embarked the entry in the field of Institutes, Schools & Colleges. The volume of information has gone to the tone it can not be handled manually.Our software for schools can be used to handle the kind of information required.Further it can handle operational reports as well. Software automates & integrates all school operations and process.
Benefits of School Management Software
Saves on time
Brings in accuracy
Makes it easy to manage complex regulatory requirements
Increases Productivity
Gives a professional outlook
Tradecard School Software is ideal management information system for Schools, Education Institute, Colleges , it helps to manage day to day operations of the institute. It can be further integrated with Library Module, Asset Tracking System, Hostel Module.

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Student Information System
Here the basic information of the student is handled starting from the initial visit for admission to conversion of student to all the basic information.Further it is further integrated into the system to handle the entire set of associated reports with attendance, performance & certification. It has ability to handle or associated pictures, PDF documents associated with it.
Lead capturing
Admission Information of student
Maintaining of Pictures, ID Proofs, Documents
Ability to full fill information online via website module
Manage all historical & administrative records of the software

Attendance & Performance Information System
Starting from day to day attendance of the students to their performance of the students in unit & examination system records the performance. Further it promotes the student as required depending upon the parameters.
Daily attendance recording & reporting
Recording of attendance class specific
Integrates with website module to map daily assignment(homework)
Mapping of Exams & Exam results
Integrate with email,SMS for reporting of student to parents

Finance Information Systems
Every student is been associated with the fees structure. System has two different POS one for fees collection & canteen POS which has integrated inventory system as well.Further system integrates other financial entries associated with the school in ledger & entry area.
General Administration
General administration area takes care of entire operations of the school which includes assets, lab, library & teachers data.
Manage Asset,Lab & Library
Track data for the asset
Track historical data for the asset
Track & generate reports associated with the asset
Track audits
Manage Teachers Information
Manage Users & Associated Rights with the system

HarshSure Software also undertakes the customization of school management software. The software has been developed in php/mysql & it is web based so it easy to deploy , easy to learn & low on hardware costs.
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